When we speak of graphic design, it is not just putting different images or drawings together. There is actually an art and planning involved when putting the design idea together. Sometimes also called communication design, graphic designing can cover physical designs or virtual designs and often has a combination of images and text to convey the message to the audience.GraphicDesign

For an experienced graphic designer Dubai offers many opportunities to work on just about any scale project for a variety of clients. Some examples of graphic design are very simple ones like conceptualizing the look of a postage stamp, putting together a brochure for a small business, or to handling bigger clients like multinational companies and their advertising campaigns for billboards, posters, and even TV ads and online designs for their websites and social media accounts.

The Long History of Graphic Design

For many decades, graphic designers have gone from simple tasks like arranging type and form to creating original images for posters or advertisements. There is also a big and long history of designers creating unique images and text for every kind of packaging you can imagine from food, clothing, to industrial products and of course electronic products.

However, graphic design doesn’t just stop there. Graphic design history also crossed the industry of filmmaking when it started making iconic movie posters and magazines featuring celebrities and behind-the-scenes stories. Aside from Hollywood, graphic design is also a huge part of books and magazines even if this ear has been shifting from printed material to online or digital content.

From simple designs on printed works, we take the history of graphic design to the next level: video games! We can definitely say that great and creative graphic design is the heart of the video game industry. Imagine if the motion graphics for your favorite games from the 80’s did not evolve to the hyper realistic designs that you see now on almost all video games being sold on the market today?

Graphic designers are also crossing over from the printed form to animation and interactive media. The field of design has really become competitive since if you want to work as a designer, you don’t only have to know basic drawing using traditional methods, but you also need to develop your skills when it comes to computers, IT, and proficiently using different applications that will aid in your design work.


Possible Areas to Work In If You Are a Graphic Designer

Since there are so many sectors that may need graphic design, you are probably going to have an easy time trying to look for a specific area where you can use your design skills. There are graphic designers who work in advertising agencies, film and TV production, and even for corporate clients who need an in-house designer to manage their different image and marketing collaterals.

Some graphic designers also work with other people like copywriters, producers, marketing managers, and software developers in a myriad of projects so there is practically no limit when it comes to the different possibilities and opportunities you can have if you are blessed with the skills and talent to be a graphic designer.