There are many factors that make your website visitors stay when they visit your website. One of those is your website design. Imagine if you have a design that is easy to follow, very user-friendly, and allows the visitor to get to the information he needs in just a few clicks? And then imagine if you have a design that presents a lot of clutter, looks very disorganized, and also very difficult to navigate? Which one do you think will convince the visitor to stay longer and continue to surf your website?


How to Improve Your Web Design

Website Design in Dubai has really caught up with the different design elements necessary to attract more visitors and get them to stay when visiting a website. Some of these factors are very basic but somehow have been lost in all the hype and craziness of trying to present very complex website thinking that that is what the visitors want.


For example, most website designers now focus on giving a more clutter-free design compared to before where most website would fill up their pages with many images thinking that more photos mean more attractive design. Now, you can just have a few photos but really high quality and impressive ones to communicate your message and wow your visitors.


Another trend that is changing is the amount of text that is seen on the website. Before, designers would think that you have to clearly explain everything to your visitors so they would be very interested in buying or asking about your products and services. Now most designers use only a very brief amount of text or short yet high quality content to accompany their website images. This makes the design look more classy, formal, and business like and seems to be most attractive to visitors since they feel they are not bombarded with information while surfing the Internet.


When creating your website design, you also have to consider your navigation buttons. Remember that there are literally thousands of websites that surfers can go to if they suddenly feel bored or frustrated about your website. In order to avoid your visitors from getting lost in your website, make sure your navigation buttons are very clear and easy to see on the top of your landing page. Also, avoid making a lot of navigation buttons that will only make your site look complicated. Use the usual ones such as “Home”, “About Us”, “Services”, “Contact Us”, etc. and avoid creating unnecessary buttons that lead to useless information.


Finally, when considering your website design, make sure to have your staff and yourself test the finished design before launching it to the public. You have to test your site first to know if there are bugs and if the navigation button work perfectly. Doing a test for your new site will also help determine if there are missing items that you should add in order to make your visitors’ experience even more fun, useful, and memorable so that they would keep on coming back to your site.