Dubai has long been known as a busines hub in the Middle East and one of the most prosperous emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Based on current stats, the UAE is actually the 25th largest exporter globally and is also among some countries that have the most complex and diversified economies. Due to the government’s efforts to open its markets and expand its trade to cover not just its number 1 product, petrol, but also other goods such as import and export of packed/canned foods, apparel, and even raw materials for different industries, Dubai has really become a top destination for investors.

Here are some of the goods that have a high demand or high market share in the import and export trading in Dubai:



This product is still the top most exported product in Dubai. It is exported in different forms and actually accounts for more than 60% of the UAE’s exports in total. Based on recent figures, the petroleum industry in the UAE has been able to give around 100 billion US dollars to the economy and slows no signs of slowing down.


Vegetable and Fruits Import and Export

One segment that is also very much alive in the export and import trading area of Dubai is the vegetable and fruits import/export trade. When it comes to a fruit or vegetable importer in Dubai, you will find a lot of big companies who engage in importing these items, unloading them at different ports in Dubai, and then finally exporting them again to neighbouring countries. According to figures last year, Dubai actually imports 11,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables and around 30-40% of those goods are then sold as exports to other buyers.


Vehicle Imports

Dubai and the UAE are very progressive and wealthy locations where the standard of living is also one of the highest in the world. There are world-class infrastructure, up-to-date technology, and modern facilities that make daily life very comfortable for its residents. Because of this established comfort, there is no wonder why one of the top imports of Dubai are vehicles. Every family in Dubai that experiences the riches of the country will know that it is great to have your own vehicle, while there are also many companies that need vehicles to deliver their service or products to customers.


When it comes to vehicle importation, Dubai has really gotten serious with their total number of imports. There are a number of automotive manufacturers and countries that Dubai and the UAE works with namely, The United States, India, the UK, Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea.


Gold and Other Jewelry

These two items are also among the top imported products of Dubai and the UAE. These are primarily used for collection or for special occasions as accessories. Some families even buy these products and never wear them and just keep as family heirlooms.


Other Exports from Dubai

When it comes to other materials for raw manufacturing exporting, Dubai also is able to export aluminium, steel, and other materials.


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CMS is what you should be looking for

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Aside from getting an organized content, of course you would need ac company that has experienced and creative designers who are able to translate your web design needs into the right images and graphics that will wow audience. Instead of creating recycled designs, your website design team should understand the things that make your product or service unique and use that information to come up with original logos, banners, images, and graphics for your website to stand out in the World Wide Web.


Get a company that can also take care of your website marketing needs

What ‘s the point of having all that great content and stunning images on your website if your customers can’t find you on the search engine results? You’ll end up not having any business coming in from your website since there is also no traffic for it. So, make sure you hire a company that also knows how to handle SEO and internet marketing so that you can have a powerful online presence once your website is up! All in all, you must have a complete package: design, content, and marketing!